Our Previous Engineering Design and Consulting Projects

Corporate Offices

At Peterson Engineering Group LLC in Norwalk, CT, we have provided eco-friendly engineering consulting and design services for different types of corporate offices. Our firm strives to find ways to meet the needs of everyone involved in the project — whether they are building owners, tenants, or local planning offices.

This project needed a complete redesign of its mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems for the two towers and its parking garage. It’s total space was over 710,000 square feet. The building owners wanted the latest green solutions for their establishment so that it effectively maximize profits and ensure low costs for their clients.

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design for multiple floors as well as numerous renovations. We renovated the 14th, 16th, partial of 4th floor, 5th & 6th floors.  

For this new construction, we designed its mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems for more than 400,000 square feet space. The owners planned to market the building as a high-tech, low-maintenance, energy-efficient, and environmentally aware establishment. Because of these features, potential tenants see this place as an ideal long-term business address.

Hospitality Industry

One of our core clients are lodging and accommodation businesses since their establishments will eventually need refurbishment work. These companies have a high cost of operation, so we endeavor to design the building’s systems with the maximization of investment and profitability in mind.

This project was a new, 6-story hotel consisting of 185 rooms with additional retail spaces. We designed the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, guestroom air conditioning, and fire safety systems for the entire building.

For this business, we designed new condensate risers, guestroom fresh air systems, and chilled water piping to new fan coils. Our team also designed the new infrastructure for guestroom electrical upgrades and fan coils. These new systems optimized the building’s electrical capacity, which is reflected in the existing utility bills.

This existing facility needed a complete refurbishment. We were involved in the complete redesign of the establishment’s heating, ventilation, air conditioning, fire alarm, plumbing, and fire protection systems.

Multi-Housing Projects

Peterson Engineering Group LLC designs eco-friendly systems for a wide range of construction and refurbishment projects for apartment buildings. Our team works closely with clients to help them achieve their financial goals and minimize the costs for their tenants.

This project consisted of heating system renovations, which included floor plan designs, riser diagrams, schedules, and details that show the oil-to-gas conversion for heating purposes. Because of our work, the building owner saved a significant amount of money by getting an environmentally friendly heating solution for the tenants.

Building owners gave specific objectives for the long-term efficiency of this new establishment. These goals included maximizing the building’s profitability while lowering costs since a majority of the tenants would be first-time renters.

We designed the entire mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems for its 367,000 square feet space. This includes the building and its associated parking lot.

For this establishment, we made designs for a complete heating renovation. Our team provided floor plan drawings, riser diagrams, and schedules that show the oil-to-gas conversion for heating purposes. This project successfully met the latest environmental regulations while providing a cost-effective heating solution for the building owners and tenants.

Residential Properties

In the long run, lessening the environmental impact of new constructions will continue to trend among homeowners. Our company is more than willing to help interested individuals minimize their environmental footprint by optimizing their HVAC systems and more.

The owners of this new luxury home were insistent on making sure their living space can contribute to the reduction of their environmental footprint. We designed radiant floor heating, snowmelt, electrical, fire protection, and plumbing systems for their 13,500 square feet residence.

For this house, our team designed a mechanical system, including radiant floor heating. We also made layouts for kitchen exhaust hood, makeup air unit, and gas-fired condensing boilers. The project was a total of 5,264 square feet.

We designed a mechanical system for this home, which included a ductwork layout for the entire place. Our team also provided electrical, fire protection, and plumbing design layouts for this 15,688 square feet establishment.

Retail Food Services

Our company provided green solutions for Stew Leonard's, one of the nation’s most successful niche food retailers in Connecticut and New York. We were the base engineering firm that handled their two new facilities and other renovation projects. Those projects included making designs for mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and refrigeration systems.

This was a phased, multi-year project that was a part of an ongoing upgrade to the original store for this successful niche retailer. The customer received a $380,000 rebate from Connecticut Light and Power (CL&P) in 2010.

After replacing their cooling cases, they received a $73,000 rebate from CL&P in 2013. Their renovation project for a water-cooled HVAC rooftop unit also resulted in a $329,000 rebate from CL&P in 2014.


We created an eco-friendly system layout for this project. The customer received a $320,168.77 rebate from CL&P as a result of our green engineering solutions.

In 2010, the customer had condenser energy upgrades done to their facility, which caused them to receive a rebate for $89,000.